Landing nets: Salmon, Sea Trout, GST Boat, Silicone Trout

The professional landing net is designed for fly fishermen fishing for…

Support PRO

Very lightweight anti overload belt. The belt perfectly protect the backbone from overload while fishing…

Creek Chest Waders

The waders are made of Japanese HYDRO-TEC fabric. The top of waders is three layer and the legs of waders are manufactured of four layer….

Montana Pants Chest Waders

The short Montana Pants waders are made of four layer, Japanese TORAY fabric. This model of waders is reliable when…

Montana Chest Waders

The waders were made of four layers Japanese TORAY fabric. The waders have got unique shape which helps wading, kneeling…

Montana T-ZIP Chest Waders

The Montana T-Zip waders were manufactured of Japanese , four layers TORAY fabric. The waders are highly…

Creek Classic reel

For the fans of tradition, the classic form in itself. This unique reel is purpose for dry fly fishing.

Black Pike reel

The heart of the reel is precise drag. Solid aluminum body withstand all struggle with large fish….

Silence DH reel

All construction parts of this reel have got necessary features which are using during double – handed rod fishing…..

Quadro reel

Made of air aluminum 6061-T6 in the CNC technology. Perfect reel for dry fly fishing with rods in 3-5 # class…..

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